Designed for Credibility

When it comes to you products and/or business’ image, it’s essential to have your Web presence truly showcase the idea of “A picture is worth a thousand words!”, because it’s the overall visual design and layout of your website that is the first message given to your visitors. And, although this message is conveyed in mere seconds, it needs to be a clear and loud declaration of your credibility, potential value and quality offered to them. (View the Web Credibility Research Project from Standford University for more in-depth information).

Cultivation of a Relationship

The most valuable visitors to your website will be your current customer-base, and your website should be goal-oriented with website sections truly focused to this particular group in order to allow you to fully leverage the already established trust you have garnered from them and to better meet their needs, which will increase your profitability and decrease your cost of marketing.

Goal-oriented Design

Web Designs Boise/Idaho presents your new visitors with a credible design and structure that gets their attention for that moment allowing the website to provide them with information that is easy to understand, information that fully addresses their needs, and information that moves them towards their needed solution.

Our Website Design Principles

  • Less is more; the most effective design is achieved by the attention to detail.
  • Website Design should be clean, concise and clearly reflect your brand.
  • Each website design element must clearly justify its existence with a site goal definition.
  • Design is not an ends to itself but, rather, it should provide justification and credibility to your message.
  • Layout and website structure must be intuitive and clear in its usage and function.
  • An effective website offers fewer and better chosen visual elements.
  • Graphic design should not be the dominant feature of your website, rather it should serve as the catalyst to your communicative effort.
  • The design should be based on the way your visitors utilize your site, not how one thinks they should.

Seven Stage Sales Cycle

The answers that you provide for the following seven questions truly define your sales/communication cycle and should serve as a good blueprint for the sections of your website. Each bit of supporting content within those sections and pages must reinforce the particular sales cycle stage and provide a clear and smooth transition to the next stage until it’s completed.

  1. What specific needs do you meet?
  2. Who are you and what do you do?
  3. Why are you the best choice?
  4. What specific need do you meet?
  5. How can someone try your product?
  6. Where can someone get more information?
  7. How can someone become your customer?