Maintaining WordPress is a task that can take a lot of your time; a task that is tedious and needs to be performed with care (so the site doesn’t go down during maintenance due to some issues). Also, it’s technical; it’s important for the site’s well being, speed and overall accessibility to both your visitors and the search engines.

You’ve got your WordPress website and it’s running smoothly, for now. As you may know, WordPress and its associated plugins, etc. are updated regularly not only to add updated functionality but also to keep it all secure as possible.

And, now that you have your WordPress site you need to be sure that it continues to run as smoothly as possible. To aide you in this endeavor, we are now offering a few packaged alternatives that – for a minimal monthly fee (billed annually) – can let you stay worry free when it comes to your website.

Main Package

We’ll take care of the software updates that are required to keep your website healthy for the long haul. This includes monthly WordPress updates (to make sure that your website is always running the most current and the safest version of the software), as well as plugin updates.


Security & Backup Package

This package includes everything listed in the Main Package, plus: we’ll take care of a range of security-related tasks that will keep your website safer from hacker attacks, as well as possible server vulnerabilities. This includes:

  • regular weekly security scans with specialized tools and plugins
  • weekly backups – creating a copy of your website’s data and keeping it on our servers
  • daily uptime monitoring – checking if your website is online, and letting you know about any irregularities


Optimizations & Performance Package

This package includes everything listed in the Main Package plus: we’ll take care of making sure your website is fully optimized and loads as quickly as possible so your users don’t see a delay in their browsers; this will save you on bandwidth, etc. This includes:

  • integrating the site with a caching mechanism
  • image optimization
  • complete database optimization
  • optimization of installed plugins and keeping an eye on load times


Site Analytics & SEO Package

Now that your website is online and running for a while, you want to be sure that people know it exists and get to it. This package will aide you in determining the future needs of your website. This package includes:

  • analyze analytics and reporting on most visited pages with suggestions for making them better
  • reporting on least visited pages with suggestions for making them more useful
  • analyze for broken links, which can impact SEO
  • monthly SEO report and analysis


Security Checkup Package

Your website is your business’ heartbeat and it needs proper WordPress website security. Make sure that your website is secure and working properly and at its peak performance. WordPress is a great solution for all sizes of business, however, over 30,000 websites are hacked every day. It doesn’t take a lot of time to prevent 90% of those hacks.

Our SECURITY CHECKUP PACKAGE* reviews your entire website and locks it down. We run tests on your website to determine if there are any issues and, if there are, we will attempt to quickly patch them.

The Security Checkup Package services include:

  • remove old plugins and themes
  • scan website
  • install and configure security plugins
  • make sure Webmaster Tools is installed and functioning properly
  • create a secure login
  • create a secure password
  • create a complete backup of your website
  • create multiple accounts and levels, if needed
  • clean out the database and optimize it
  • secure and update the core code, plugins and themes

Of course, as with anything, there is no 100% guarantee that your website will not be hacked. It is impossible for anyone to guarantee that. However, if you have a breach/security issue within 30-days of the Checkup we will review and help you solve the issue without additional charge.


*if there are more security issues and your website is compromised than an estimate for a full cleaning may be created. No work on that would start until approved by you. There is a 30-day email support after our discussion.